UK World Cue Sports

UK World Cue Sports originally started with the name UK Pool Tournaments & Tours,  & then became UK World Pool.  In February 2021 we created the group UK World Snooker & Billiards,  so are now able to cover all UK and World Cue Sports.

Our Mission Statement

  • Vision:  To become the largest chain of networks, sharing details and information for all Cue Sports, Whatever the Rule Set.
  •  Committed to Excellence:  We are Professionals who only work with Professionals.
  • Passion:  UK World Cue Sports, Partners and Sponsors all have a passion for which ever Cue Sports they are involved with.
  • Development:  Cue Sport events, Coaching and working with the future of Cue sports, the younger generation.
  • The Future:  To continue expanding by using Innovation, Creativity & Professionalism.

Mark Smith

Founder & Creator of

UK World Pool & World Blackball Live which are part of the  Group, are pleased to announce their partnership with Andrew Appleton and his team at The White Rose , Ossett. Andy’s venue and Live Streaming are quality when delivering Events, Tours and Challenge Matches to their viewers. With the help of UK World Pool Mmtv Live can be seen in over 95 Countries around the world. Looking forward to working with Andy and his team more in 2022, including The UK World Pool Masters 2022 on the 8th 9th and 10th April 2022. #BackInBlack #TeamDog

Andrew Appleton

It’s a privilege to be part of UK World Pool in all aspects of cue sports,  Mark does an amazing job delivering quality news from around the world keeping us up to date with live streams, results of major events all the latest news and views, Also helping many clubs promoting there business with social media.
Posters he is relentless in his work he deserves all the credit and much more for what he does for cue sports around the world, pool is progressing at a rate that it truly deserves and with people like Mark involved it’s in good hands.